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The purpose of this site is to give you a "virtual tour " of La Soumaille, to get a realistic impression of your
French Holiday Gite before your arrival.
We cannot emphasize enough the wonderful tranquility found in this peaceful setting. Retreat to a No Noise
No Hassle
environment, with the advantage of being only 10 mins drive from the A89 should you wish to venture
out to visit the numerous & varied local sites. Everything for the perfect Holiday In France.........

French Holidays - " Enjoy Your Holiday In France With Us"

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Relax on your patio, sip your delicious French Wine & admire the view.waterfal at accommodation in france image
(The one at the top of the page actually)
See how many deer you can spot while walking quietly through the 27 acres of Private Woodland.
Capture the magnificent sunsets on canvas or camera.
This is "Fishing Country", catch a carp or two in our exclusive lake or spend some time at the nearby larger lakes.
Cycling in France is a dream on the near empty roads, plan a route & savour the sites.


Enjoy French Culture & French Cuisine at the many restaurants within easy reach of your French Accommodation. Want to buy some presents for friends or family......then visit some of the great shops in Tulle, only 15 minutes away by car. french villa image

Days Out.....

Pick up some real bargains at the markets & brocantes which are very much a part of the French way of life. A wide range of leaflets & brochures are provided in your French Holiday Home indicating the extensive places of interest to visit should you so desire.

Bikers Corner


Fishing Tours
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Choose How To Spend Your French Holiday....

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"It was all we had hoped for & more, great sunsets & beautiful scenery"  Mr & Mrs G.U          


"We were looking for a holiday home offering peace and quiet, away from it all. Happily all our requirements were met and in addition we had a beautiful view with stunning sunsets every evening. Mike and Allison, the owners, provided an excellent service but never once encroached on our privacy. We hope to return in the future." Mr& Mrs P

"After a fortnight we usually look forward to going home...not this time. Excellent host's.....very helpful"  Mrs I.J























Providing French Holidays At Realistic Prices....La Soumaille For Your Perfect.....

Holiday In France

France - Travel To A Country Steeped In History

Tip! Dont forget....most shops in France close between 12.00 and 14.00

France is a Western European country which is also made up of a collection of overseas islands and territories located in other countries. Rising from its ashes like a phoenix, France has risen from many internal and external conflicts and wars. Now, it is a developed nation whose modern economy is the fifth largest in the world.

Metropolitan France is bordered by the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Andorra, Italy and Spain. The country extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the North Sea and from the Rhine River to the Atlantic Ocean.View At La Soumaille, French Holidays

The main territory of France is located in Western Europe. Territories of North America, the Caribbean, South America, the western and southern Indian Ocean, the northern and southern Pacific Ocean, and Antarctica also constitute France.

France is decorated with a large variety of landscapes; ranging from coastal plains in the north and west to the mountain ranges in the south like the Pyrenees and the Alps. If you are a nature lover, then you get to see spectacular scenery that you will be a treasure for lifetime.

Tip! Delivery of goods to your holiday home are normally subject to a hefty delivery charge

If you go to France, then you should go to see The Alps. The Alps contains the highest point of Europe which is the Mont Blanc at 4810 m. It will surely be a unique experience!

Tip! Always carry your passport whilst travelling in France

The official language of France is French. English is not commonly used in France. There are other regional languages spoken in the country like Basque, Breton, Catalan, Corsican, Dutch, Alsatian, Occitan and Ol.

It will be good if you have a bit of information about France before you visit the country. France is the European Union's leading agricultural producer. If you visit northern France, then you will see large wheat farms. Western France concentrates on dairy products, pork, poultry and apple production. Beef production is located in central France and southern France produces fruits, vegetables and wine ranges. In France, you will find uniformity in diversity.

France is the fourth-largest western industrialized economy in the world. The country has substantial agricultural resources, a large industrial base and a highly skilled work force.

Tourism is a significant contributor to the French economy as tourists throng to see the splendours this beautiful country has to offer.

Paris, the capital of France is one of the most populous, beautiful and famous cities in the world. It is home to numerous historical buildings and monuments too! So, if you are interested in ancient art and architecture, then you should surely visit Paris.

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The Palace of Versailles and the great chateaux of the Loire valley are popular tourist destinations which you can visit.

Holidays in France Compare prices for long term rentals in France

France was traditionally a predominantly Roman Catholic country with anticlerical leanings, but since the 1970s, it has grown to become a secular country with freedom of religion as a constitutional right.

France is also the only European power to have its own national space centre. The country is the most energy independent Western country due to its heavy investment in nuclear power. What makes France the leading agricultural producer in Western Europe is the availability of large tracts of fertile land, the application of modern technology and EU subsidies.


Visiting France will be a special experience as the picturesque country abounds in natural beauty as well as the luxuries of modern day life.

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