A Day In A Motorcyclists Holiday

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accommodation in france photo

Early Start.......

The lads awake early, excited to put their plans
motorcycle tours image

into action.....plans made the previous evening
over a pleasant Bar-b-que. The gods have been
kind today, the sun rising steadily with the
promise of a glorious day. Nine o'clock in the
morning and not a cloud in sight.

Breakfast "Al Fresco" For The Bikers

The aroma of eggs and bacon entice all within
range. A cup of tea swigged down while enjoying this view from the patio completes the scene........
A great preparation for the day ahead.
Could this be the dream motorcycle tour?














A Quick Check Up
bikers in france

Time to give the bikes a quick once over. The
fluids are ok, tyres are good, chain tension and
sprockets all adjusted. Should any items have
been required, there is Moto Hall in Tulle, a
good outlet for parts and accessories. They
carry a comprehensive range of motorcycle
parts in stock, are reasonably priced for fitting
and have friendly staff. (Even helpful to those
of us who can only manage "pigeon French").

Prepare For The Off

Leathers are on, machines burst into action at the press of the button.
The smell of breakfast is soon replaced by the familiar odour of fuel......
Just a few minutes are required to get the engines to optimum temperature. Intercoms connected by those who choose...Slowly down the drive, negotiate the hairpin and continue to the road. The first day of the motorcycle holiday begins!





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The Excitement Begins

It's 10.20...temperature 20degrees. A steady
motorcycle holiday image
ride around the roads of Correze to get the
tyres warmed up. Very little traffic hinders
the enjoyment of the motorcyclists. Corner
after corner on smooth tarmac, unbelievable!
"What a change to the roads we are used to"
is the general reaction
. Another half an hour
and off to the main venue of the day......







Collanges la Rouge....Here We Come

A quick descent into Tulle and the service
station to make sure everybody is topped up
with fuel. The journey to Collanges la Rouge
(a beautiful little village constructed entirely
from red stone) begins.

Hot Roads And Twisty's

A gentle climb for most of the way and by now
tyres and roads are hot. Everyone in the tour finds a new and safe confidence on the bends. The road and motorcycle tyre meet at an angle
never experienced before....."Wow, this is great "...................

Luncheon Is Served

Unlike a lot of tourist haunts, a reasonably priced lunch can be purchased here and you never seem to be overcrowded. A large baguette will set you back about 4 euros (2007) and is superb value.





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Homeward Bound

Engines are eagerly fired up, helmets on and
away we go. All of the riders are enjoying the
moment, pleased to have joined their friends
to try a motorcycle holiday in France.


Rumour has it that this young man became
addicted to this bend and only moved on after fifteen attempts.
And the answer to your question is "Yes......they are sparks!".

Safely Home

The group arrive safely back at the accommodation. Bikes are put to bed, showers taken. The day ends where it began,
on the patio watching the night close in.
Good food, a wine, a beer, the thrills of the
day are relived. All in all a great day was had
by the motorcyclists............

And the best part ?

It all happens again tomorrow
biker tour image

A Day In A Motorcyclists Holiday

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