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Moving to France - By: Barry Hooper

Thousands of Britons move abroad from the UK every year, and many of them choose France as their new home. While France is only a short distance away, literally just across the Channel, there is a world of difference between these two countries and lifestyles --- enough of a difference to make thousands bid farewell to their native country and start a new life in “La Douce France”.

It is not only the weather which attracts ex-pats. If you choose the south of France to be your new home and buy a property there, you’ll find yourself in a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. But many people also opt for other parts of the country, such as the south-west, which are less pricey and less crowded. Property for sale in south west France represents some of the best bargains available, and the region has much to commend it.

Many people who relocate to France want to trade in a life of drudgery in the grim, cold and unfriendly north for a relaxed and easy-going sunny French lifestyle. It is a surprise for many to find that it is possible to live a good life in France for much less than it would cost you to have a similar lifestyle in the UK.

Many things are said about the relationship between the British and the French, and a lot of it is based on historical issues. Often Britons and Frenchmen have a distaste for each other, but they do not know exactly why. This outdated attitude, based mostly on history should not influence you.

France is a wonderful country, and you will find that its inhabitants are among the friendliest people in Europe. Of course, true friendship grows with mutual understanding and you should do your share in building a good relationship, such as learning to speak French. Especially in more remote areas you will find that being able to speak the language, or even just knowing the most important words and phrases, will take you a long way and make life much easier.

Mingle with the locals, don’t isolate yourself. In other areas which are popular among British expats, such as the Costa Blanca in Spain, they’re known to form their own communities and very often have little or nothing to do with the local inhabitants. This is not a good situation and will certainly not help to integrate foreigners into the local community.

France truly is a country with many opportunities. In fact, it’s more like a few countries in one. If you are still at the stage of checking out which area of this vast country would suit you best, you would be well advised to check out French property for sale in the south west. This region has much to offer. If you decide to buy a property in France, relocating to the south west will allow you to live the good life to its very fullest.

Thousands of Britons move abroad from the UK every year, and many of them choose France as their new home.



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